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Hospital Keyboards: More Than Just Simple Input Devices

Since I began selling keyboards and mice into hospitals years ago, one thing resonates with me over and over again, keyboards are more than just simple input devices. They should be viewed as a critical tool helping save lives. Why do I say this?  Because keyboards are high touch surfaces housed in hospital clinical areas where they are exposed to blood and other pathogens. This is why the best option for a hospital are medical grade keyboards and mice.  Cheap Chinese keyboards are available everywhere, but then so are medical gloves, needles and even surgical knives.  Why compromise you and your patients health with a cheaply made Chinese keyboard that can harbor and spread disease causing microorganisms in cracks and crevices?  Even cheap “sealed” keyboards often have gaps where bioburden hides.  There are so many brands, looks, feels, and styles of keyboards out there today. This is why, you should talk to me or one of my colloquies before making an expensive mistake.

Let me give you some food-for-thought on finding the best solution for keyboards in clinical medical environments.

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