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Really O’Cool Keyboard

Oil Resistant Skin, Top Quality
The Really O’Cool is a fully sealed rugged industrial keyboard engineered to handle the most challenging environments. Based on our Really Cool Keyboard, it features no mechanical moving parts to break or fail. Its unibody design is impervious to dust and oil and is grease resistant. This makes the Really O’Cool the perfect solution for dusty, dirty, greasy, oily environments. Its built-in Tru-Lock feature allows locking the keys and cleaning the keyboard without needing to close open programs or disconnecting the USB cable.

Factory and Machine Shop Ready
Use standard industrial cleaners or wash with soap and water. The key printing won’t wear off and the tactile feedback is excellent. The Really O’Cool keyboard is proudly born in the USA outside of Washington, DC. Add our magnetic mounting system and your keyboard will hold on any ferrous surface. Don’t compromise. Accept no less than the new standard in oil resilient keyboards — Really O’ Cool.