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Medical Grade Keyboard Checklist

Medical Grade Keyboard Checklist

How Does Your Current Keyboard Compare

Not all washable keyboards are created equal. Before making an investment in peripherals that enhance infection control, ask yourself if the product meets all the criteria listed below. Washable open style keyboards are not an acceptable standard of care in medical environments where blood, bio-burden and gross contaminants are prevalent. When you see the icon to the left, you know that you have found a keyboard that meets all 10 requirements of a Medical Grade™ Keyboard.

What It Takes To Be Medical Grade:

Check all that apply to your current keyboard

1. Fully Sealed & Seamless

The keyboard should be fully sealed and seamless. Nothing can hide under keycaps.

2. Can Be Terminally Cleaned

Terminally clean with a 1:10 bleach solution. Keyboard can handle any EPA approved disinfectant.

3. Lockable For Workstation Disinfecting

Keyboard should be lockable for disinfecting at the workstation in between patients or shifts.

4. Hygienic White

Splatter matters. With a black keyboard, you cannot see all visible contaminants.

5. Built To Hold Up To Rigors of Medical Staff

A keyboard needs to stand up to typing by multiple users 24/7 and repeated harsh cleaning and disinfecting.

6. Enhanced Tactile Typing When Gloved

Typing gloved, or even double gloved, should be just as easy as typing glove free.

7. Avoid Velcro™ When Attaching To Trays

For folding trays, a magnetic attachment system is needed to avoid the use of dirty Velcro™ or tape.

8. May Be Equipped With Backlight

Adjustable backlight is needed for accurate typing in low light environments such as patient rooms.

9. Ergonomic & Silent For Patient/Staff Comfort & Safety

Keyboards need to be flat to avoid repetitive motion issues. Silent keyboards will not disturb patients.

10. Avoid Anti-Microbial Additives

These substances have never been shown to support infection control and patient safety. They may only protect the product.

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