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Cleaning Instructions

Your keyboard is designed to withstand repeated washings without needing to be unplugged or turning off the computer.

How to Clean:

1. While plugged into PC, press the left & right Control (“Ctrl”) keys together for 3 seconds to lock keys. *

2. Clean the surface of the product by wiping, brushing or spraying it using only cloths, sponges or soft bristle brushes.

3. Wipe dry with cloth or allow to air dry.

4. After cleaning, press both Control Keys again for 3 seconds to unlock keys.

! DO NOT place the USB or PS/2 connector in fluid!

tru lock in action 390x260 1
* Applicable to keyboards with Tru-Lock only.  The Its Cool/Its Cool Wireless keyboards are not lockable.

Recommended Cleaning Materials

• 1:10 bleach solution (Chlorine based – Chlorox, Novalsan, ect.)

• Formaldehyde based – Formaldehyde Solution 37%, Vinco Formaldegen, etc.

• Glutaraldehyde based – Aldacide 200, Lysofume, Wacicide, ect.

• Phenol based – Cavicide, Isopropyl Alcohol, Medicide, Dürr FD 322, FD 333 & 350, etc.

• Oxidizing – Hydrogen Peroxide 3% Solution, Lifeguard Series, etc.

• Quaternary Ammonium – Roccal-D, Bacto-Sep, Parvosol, Dürr FD 300 2%, Dürr FD 312 2%, etc..

• Soap & Water


• Petroleum based cleaning fluids, such as Gasoline, Turpentine & oil

• Acetone

• Greater than 10% bleach solutions

• Abrasive cleaners

• Temperature or pressure sterilization

• Buffing pads or scrubbing pads

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