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No Antimicrobial Keyboards

No Antimicrobial Keyboards

antimicrobial keyboardspngWe Won’t Make
Antimicrobial Keyboards

Antimicrobial additives protect the product, NOT the patient. Here is why:

1. False Sense of Security

Cleaning & disinfecting keyboards & mice is a necessary protocol. Allowing your staff to depend on “self-cleaning keyboards & mice” is asking for trouble.

2. Soil

Antimicrobials do not tackle 3 dimensional bio-burden buildups. Wiping away the offending matter with a proper disinfectant wipe, or terminally cleaning in a 1:10 bleach solution, is the proper protocol.

3. Humidity

Many antimicrobial additives require humid conditions, like a sauna, which is more humidity than you’ll ever find in a hospital.

4. Wait Time

It can take 24+ hours for antimicrobial additives to work. The additives don’t work fast enough between patients.

5. Danger

The efficacy of all antimicrobial additives is under review by the EPA. Why subject your medical staff and patients to unnecessary exposure?

An 'antimircobial keyboard' is shown growing plants
Does this ‘antimicrobial keyboard’ really work? Judge for yourself.
A picture of a dirty keyboard found in use in a hostpital
Bioburden buildup & open style design makes this antimicrobal keyboard a patient & staff hazard!

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