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Lockable Keyboards Save Time & Money

Lockable Keyboards Save Time & Money


Splatter happens. Keep your staff typing with a keyboard that can be washed without needing to disconnect or shut down the machine. To use the Tru-Lock feature, just hold the Ctrl Key for 3 seconds. Your Keyboard will be locked while you wash it. To unlock, just hold the Ctrl keys for another 3 seconds. Your hospital or doctor’s office is filled with germs and contaminates. All surfaces should be washed regularly, and Man & Machine’s Tru-Lock feature makes that easy.

Medical Washers Are Impractical

mechinal-washerOur competitors claim that using a medical washer, or a dishwasher, to clean your medical keyboards should be considered a best practice. This is an impractical waste of time for I.T. staff members who have to regularly disconnect every keyboard in a department, take it to a medical washer, put it through a full wash cycle and then reconnect the device. To make matters worse, AAMI guideline temperatures for your mechanical washer’s cleaning cycle, will kill your keyboard.

Hospital mechanical washers clean at temperatures of 170° or higher. Perfect for frying electronic components. Metal parts, like the USB connector, are rust magnets in the tropical climate of a mechanical washer. It’s disruptive and costly to disconnect a keyboard every time it needs disinfecting. From the time it’s unplugged until it returns from the washer, that keyboard is costing you money.


Tru-Lock Makes Washing Easy

Just hold the Ctrl key for three seconds. While locked, you will see three flashing lights. When done washing, just hold the Ctrl keys for another three seconds and you are ready to type. No gibberish on the screen, no need to shut down your computer. Your Lockable keyboards are ready action once again.

Flashing Lights Indicate That The Keyboard is Locked


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