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Laptop Drapes

The Laptop Drape
A slick lightweight laptop sure makes working on the go easy. And wherever you’re going, there’s sure to be lots of dirt and bacteria ready to land on your unprotected keys. Even a quick spill of coffee could render that pricey machine useless. Which is exactly why we came up with the laptop drape.

Protecting You and Your Machine
Designed to protect you and your machine from unsavory invasions of all kinds, the laptop drape is ideal for medical environments, construction sites, schools, airplanes and anywhere dust and germs congregate.

You can customize the drape by simply cutting with scissors. With 3 to a pack, you’re good to go.

100% Silicone Rubber
Cleans with soap and water
May be Autoclaved

*laptop not included

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15” Wide Laptop Drape (3-pack)


17” Wide Laptop Drape (3-pack)




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17” Wide Laptop Drape (3-pack)


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