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Dental Keyboards & Mice

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Washable Keyboards for Dental Environments

In Your Hands

When patients come into your dental facility, they expect everything to be clean and sanitized. Your dental tools and work surfaces require regular cleaning because they get exposed to saliva & germs.  Your keyboard and mouse are exposed to the same elements. Why clean one and not the other? Hand hygiene is one of the most effective ways to prevent cross contamination and other illnesses from passing between  dental staff and patients. Help protect the people that you are treating by selecting keyboards & mice from Man & Machine, designed with infection control in mind. These washable keyboards and mice can be found in many of the largest dental systems, medical offices and laboratories worldwide.

Medical Grade™ Selection
Not all washable keyboards are created equal. Washable open-style keyboards can harbor bioburden buildup on high-touch surfaces, plus deadly pathogens can hide in the areas underneath the keys and other places that are not reachable by hospital wipes. As the premium solution for infection control, our sealed keyboards are designed to meet the 10 requirements for Medical Grade™ keyboards, and are identified by the Medical Grade icon. These products go above and beyond ordinary computer accessories to help you maintain a clean environment.

Why Man & Machine Medical Grade Keyboards?


Cleaning without Gibberish

Thanks to the exclusive Tru-Lock feature, our medical keyboards can be locked for cleaning and disinfecting at the workstation. Flashing keys let you know you’re in cleaning mode. Safely wash the keyboard so that no gibberish appears on the screen, this way there is no need to shut down the computer. Just hold the two lock keys for three seconds to activate. Then do the same thing for another three seconds to deactivate.

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Easy cleanup

The keyboard comes with a special sealed silicone rubber skin that stands up to being terminally cleaned at the workstation with 1:10 bleach solution or any EPA-approved hospital disinfectants. The low-profile keys allow the wipe of your choice to easily glide over and around the keys, making disinfecting a breeze. Our medical keyboards letters are laser-etched so they won’t rub off or become hard to read.

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Built to Last

Proudly engineered, assembled and serviced in the USA, Man & Machine’s premium keyboards, mice and other devices are built and tested by our team of highly skilled workers in Landover, Maryland. Made with quality in mind, our keyboards have a superior keystroke rating. Our products are 100 percent quality assured and are built to last.

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Glove-friendly typing

Designed by our trained ergonomic engineers, our keyboards provide an excellent tactile feel. So you can easily type with gloved or even double gloved hands.

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Hygienic White Keyboards

To enhance patient and staff safety, we make our keyboards in hygienic white, so that bodily fluids, spills, dust and other contaminants are easier to spot letting the user know it is time to disinfect.

Options that Make The Best
Keyboards Even Better

  • Low Light? No Problem

    Typing in low-light environments is easy and hassle-free when you select a Man & Machine keyboard with a special multilevel backlight. There’s a LED behind each and every key. Simply press the backlight button, and the light level intensifies until you reach the perfect level of brightness.

  • Keyboard Stays Put on Flip Up Computer Trays

    The MagFix option includes magnets installed inside the keyboard. This enables medical staff to keep the keyboard in place on ferrous (magnetic metal) surfaces such as patient room wall mount units without using Velcro™ or double sided tape, which can harbor pathogens.

  • Quiet Keyboards Keeps Patients at Ease

    Visiting the dentist is nerve-wracking for many people. Ease the stress of the visit with our sealed keyboards that are designed to be silent while typing.

  • Variety of Keyboard Types and Accessories Really Cool: #1 Choice for Infection Control

    The layout of a standard keyboard along with all the Medical Grade™ advantages make Really Cool our best-selling keyboard. It’s the #1 choice among uncompromising customers in medical and lab environments, where infection control is imperative.

  • Slim Cool: Best for Tight Spaces

    Incredibly small in size but big in performance, our Slim Cool silicone keyboard is designed to fit into the tightest of workspaces, such as some workstation-on-wheels keyboard trays. Combine this with its Medical Grade™ characteristics, and you’ll see why Slim Cool is a great fit for tight medical and clinical environments.

  • Add A Mouse

    Pair your keyboard with a matching medical grade mouse for a superior infection control system.

  • Custom Cable Lengths

    At no extra charge, we offer our Medical Grade keyboards with 10 foot cables so your keyboard may reach anywhere in the dental operatory. Eliminate the need for wireless devices which may come unpaired, require changing, or may be misplaced.

  • Convenient Touchpads and Covers

    The Really Cool Touch and Slim Cool Plus keyboards are designed with a convenient touchpad, which can save space on a cluttered work surface. Special covers for these touchpads help gloved hands glide on the sealed surface.

  • On A Budget?

    We offer a full line of budget friendly keyboards. Our open style keyboards have the look and feel of traditional keyboards. The D Cool is a budget conscience alternative for those looking for a sealed keyboard. Whether you are looking for peripherals for your non-clinical staff or for a busy computer that lives in a hallway on a WOW, we have a keyboard that will meet your hygiene typing needs.

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