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Why a Medical Grade™ Keyboard

Medical Grade At Man & Machine, antimicrobial coatings have long been known to present more problems than they solve, so we’ve built keyboards and mice that fight bacteria and contaminants with sealed components and waterproof designs.

Why We Are Anti-Antimicrobial

The 7 Requirements of a Medical Grade Keyboard

Medical Grade™ Keyboards

Really CoolReally Cool
Best seller featuring waterproof keyboard

Really Cool TouchReally Cool Touch
The total solution in a compact format

Slim CoolSlim Cool
For small places

Slim Cool +Slim Cool +
Features a laptop style layout

Medical Grade™ Mice

Mighty Mouse 5Mighty Mouse
Fully washable 5 button scroll mouse

Petite MousePetite Mouse
Small footprint washable 5 button scroll mouse

Specialty Medical Grade™ Keyboards

Isolation Keyboard For Ebola and Other High Risk ContaminantsIsolation Workstation Keyboards & Mice

Petite MouseDowntime Workstation Keyboards & Mice



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Medical Grade™, Hygienic, Cleanable,
Industrial & Education Keyboards & Mice

Whether your challenge is dirt or durability, blood or bacteria, coffee or coughing, Man & Machine's liquid resistant, 100% latex-free, rugged, silicone base keyboards and mice are engineered to withstand environmental hazards in all workplace settings.

From the OR to the ER, the factory to the field, our fully sealed IP68 rated keyboards and mice can not only withstand the harshest conditions, they can be disinfected, sprayed, wiped, sanitized and even submerged to dramatically reduce incidence of damage and contamination.

Really Cool with Mighty Mouse 5
The Really Cool shown with the Mighty Mouse 5


Whatever Your Business, We've Got You Covered

Select your applicationDistinguished by their rugged, ergonomic, sealed design, Man & Machine's Medical Grade™ Keyboards and mice are ideal not only for healthcare, laboratories, pharmacies and dentistry, but also enable silent, sanitary keyboarding in courtrooms, industrial settings, government offices, libraries, marine, military, and schools

— anywhere safety, quiet and durability are issues and employee, student, or patient health is a priority.

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Customized Products
We Got It!

Man & Machine can invent, design and manufacture innovative, cost-effective products that promote health, safety, and productivity in your workplace.

From private labeling, custom layouts, features, sizes, programmable keys, and hardware integration, our made-to-order solutions will meet your needs within your budget. Bring us your challenge and we'll adapt the solution.

We don't think in the box. We ask, "What box?"

Tell Us Your Challenge

Our Premium Medical Grade™
Keyboards & Mice Feature

Medical Grade
Medical Grade™ Quality

Ltd. Lifetime Warranty
Ltd. Lifetime Warranty Available

Proudly Made in the USA
Proudly Mfg. in USA






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Ebola Keyboard Info

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Let Man & Machine Build Your Custom Computer Peripheral

In-Vehicle & PSAP Keyboards

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