Why Silver Antimicrobial Keyboards Don’t Work
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Our Medical Keyboard Line Features:

Our line of premium medical keyboards feature excellent tactile feedback and are constructed out of a single piece of silicone, which make makes washing easy because the keys are low to the surface with no seams or seals. Our Medical Grade keyboards are built to last and assembled in the USA, which ensure the best in customer reliability

Also Specializing In:

Industrial Keyboards & Mice

If you work in a dusty field or a wet environment, the Really Cool Keyboard is great for you because it will not fail in the field and can keep typing while exposed to water or dirt. Our premium waterproof keyboards can be easily dusted off at the end of a busy day.

If you work with oil or grease, than the Really O’ Keyboard is the product for you. Built out of a special silicone that is made to handle repeated exposure to oil, this keyboard will be a great addition to computers in factories, machine shops or automotive repair garages.

Silent Keyboards - Great for Courts

If you are worried about sound pollution disrupting the ambiance of a meeting, presentation or trial, than our sealed silicone keyboards are for you. The easy to press keys have no moving parts and do not rattle or shake when being typed on, yet the keycaps have normal levels of travel and let the user know when a key has been pressed. Any of our sealed silicone keyboards will operate quietly and keep order in the court or in the classroom.

Dental Keyboards

Splatter is common in any dental facility, make sure it doesn’t have a place to hide in a keyboard with seals or seams. Our dental keyboards are easy to clean with a simple wipe and can be outfitted with backlight and MagFix to make them the perfect solution for any chair side table.

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