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New L Cool Keyboard

Man & Machine introduces the new closed-deck keyboard that loves to be washed.

Man & Machine the leading Manufacturer of Medical Grade keyboards & mice announces the “L Cool”, an advanced keyboard for budget minded hospitals.

Landover, MD – In a quest to develop a low cost, easily cleanable, closed platform keyboard,  Man & Machine announces the L Cool washable keyboard.  Dependable, low cost, stylish and easy to clean keyboards are a response to hospital requests.

Healthcare requirements of standard tactile feel and quickly cleanable keyboards have focused the design of a closed deck solution.  Most open style keyboards allow blood, microbes and potentially dangerous particulates to enter the keyboard from above and be almost impossible to clean.  The design of a closed deck keyboard restricts these contaminants to enter from above, and allows the keyboard to be cleaned easily.  

This full sized peripheral comes standard with a quick release cable. This feature is ideal for workstation cable management. Having the ability to quickly remove a keyboard from a workstation without undoing the cable management saves an enormous amount of time.  It also includes Man & Machine’s signature Tru-Lock functionality for locking the keyboard at the workstation.  Tru-Lock also allows for a quick wipe or spray with any EPA approved hospital disinfectant without sending false commands and characters to the PC while pressing many keys down at once during wiping. This will sometimes lock up the computer and will result in a support call to the IT department.  This stylish keyboard is comfortable to type on, has adjustable legs, and is made of durable high-grade plastic. The keys are laser etched with extra-large characters for use in most lighting conditions and to prevent eye strain. 

“Our hospital customers have been asking for a low cost keyboard option which has the quality they have come to expect from Man & Machine,” states Man & Machine’s CEO, Clifton Broumand.  “The L Cool is so much more than a washable keyboard, it’s the ideal combination of form and function.  This is the product to make CIO’s, medical staff and purchasing managers all smiles”. 

Man & Machine, Inc. is a privately held company founded in 1982, headquartered in Landover, Maryland.  The company manufactures a full line of Medical Grade and washable keyboards and mice.  It makes peripherals for healthcare, industrial and public safety industries.  Other products include privacy computer monitors and tablets, and vinyl wrapping of iPads, tablets, monitors and laptops for easy identification, and point-of-sale messaging.  Man & Machine’s OEM’s peripherals for many Fortune 500 companies.  Additional offices are located in Tennessee, Philadelphia, Portland, Taiwan and The Netherlands.

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