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Combat the Spread of Harmful Bacteria & Fungus

Fungus among us can hide in open style keyboards. You can’t kill what you can’t clean.

Many of the nation’s hospitals have yet to develop a protocol for the proper cleaning and disinfection of keyboards found in clinical environments. With the emergence of electronic medical records (EMR), thousands of keyboards can be found in emergency departments, ICUs, patient rooms, nursing stations, Point-of-Care workstations (POC) and isolation areas. In these area’s it is typical to find standard open-style keyboards that can harbor harmful bacteria, drug-resistant fungus and pathogens.

There has been slow adaptation of sealed waterproof keyboards that can be terminally cleaned, using a 1:10 bleach solution for disinfection. AORN’s Guidelines for Perioperative Practice (2015 edition), recommends “terminal cleaning of operating and procedure rooms should include cleaning and disinfecting of all exposed surfaces, including wheels and casters, of all items, including….computer accessories (eg, keyboard mouse, touch screen)1,51,59”. Plastic open-style keyboards trap bio-burden (blood, urine, mucus, vomit, etc.) between the keys and seams and under the key caps, allowing for only surface disinfection. “Antimicrobial keyboards” create a false sense of security to fight against the bio-burden that can be found on high-touch surfaces such as keyboards and mice. These devices require long periods of time and proper humidity to destroy harmful bacteria and pathogens. Surface cleaning is not enough.

Man & Machine manufactures Medical GradeTM sealed keyboards and mice that are fit for purpose and can be properly cleaned and disinfected between patients. Featuring a proprietary Tru-Lock system, users can lock the keyboard at the workstation for cleaning without the need to remove/unplug the USB cable. Sealed premium keyboards, like the Really Cool, can be terminally cleaned per the CDC guidelines, and are designed to stand up rigorous cleaning protocols in the event of an infectious outbreak. With optional features like multi-level backlight and built-in magnets to attach the keyboard to wall-mount keyboard trays, the Medical Grade line of products is an ideal addition to any infection control program.

MMI takes traditional “open-style” keyboards to the next level with built-in drainage holes that allow fluids to flow through without damaging the internal components. Umbrella style keys on the L Cool keep debris from getting trapped inside the keyboard, while the new compact It’s Cool has an available printed silicone cover for a one-wipe clean. Both keyboards can be sprayed with any EPA-approved disinfectant or rinsed at a sink for added infection control.

Only through proper cleaning and disinfection can we fight the “fungus among us” stated Clifton Broumand, CEO of Man & Machine. “You can’t kill what you can’t see”, he went on to state. Our keyboards have been designed to complement infection control protocols while providing the quality our customers have come to expect.

Man & Machine, Inc. is a privately held company founded in 1982, headquartered in Landover, Maryland. The company manufactures a full line of Medical Grade and washable keyboards and mice. It makes peripherals for healthcare, industrial and public safety industries. Other products include privacy computer monitors and tablets, and vinyl wrapping of iPads, tablets, monitors and laptops for easy identification, and point-of-sale messaging. Man & Machine’s OEM’s peripherals for many Fortune 500 companies. Additional offices are located in Tennessee, Philadelphia, Taiwan and The Netherlands.

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