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The Future of Mobile Computing
The Promise of DeX™

Cool DeX Dock™ for Public Safety & Transportation
When your mission is critical you need a solution that can withstand the extremes of the environment around you.  Replicate the functionality of a MDT while providing two significant benefits:

• Retain full CAD & RMS connectivity when in or away from the vehicle
• Achieve substantial cost savings by leveraging a commercially available smartphone platform with streamlined device security and management

The Cool DeX Dock™ actively manages smartphone temperatures by:

• Extending operating temperatures of a Samsung Galaxy™ smartphone to reliably operate in extreme vehicle temperatures
• Manage the thermal limitations of a smartphone by monitoring the real-time temperatures of the phones CPU/GPU and battery

Cool DeX Dock™ for Healthcare
Maintain the level of durability, reliability and mobility required for Healthcare operations with the Cool DeX System.

With the Cool DeX Dock™ you can deploy and industry leading smartphone for mobile Point-of-Care and desktop solutions.  The Cool DeX Dock™ is your one-handed attachment system that can:

• Decrease costs and increase ROI
• Maximize mobility of healthcare practitioners throughout the facility
• Include optional RFID and Common Access Card (CAC) readers for high level authentication and data security