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Isolation Workstation Keyboards

Man & Machine, Inc. is now manufacturing a new computer keyboard and mouse specifically designed for hospitals and laboratories to help combat the spread of infection in isolation areas.  This bright yellow peripheral works with other infection control protocol to create a safe environment for healthcare workers.

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In response to growing concerns for Ebola and other highly contagious viruses like Enterovirus D68 (EV-D68) and Influenza, Man & Machine, Inc., has developed a special version of its largest selling hospital keyboard, the Really Cool.  The new Isolation Keyboard is lockable at the workstation and may be terminally cleaned with a 1:10 bleach ratio. 

The Isolation keyboard is easily identifiable by its bright yellow waterproof silicone skin and imprinted with “Isolation Workstation” for easy identification.  Cleaning staff will know this keyboard needs to be disinfected using the most stringent environmental decontamination protocols.  An additional feature, Cool Connect, an electronic USB ID, alerts hospital IT staff if the keyboard is removed from the isolation area. 

The keyboard is compatible with automated decontamination systems using a broad spectrum, bioactive disinfectant agent based on mist-generated hydrogen peroxide and silver cations and is suitable for typing double gloved, which according to the CDC adds an extra layer of safety during direct patient care and during the personal protective equipment (PPE) removal process.  An optional isolation mouse and easily identifiable computer monitor is available to complete the system. 

“According to the CDC, Ebola can be transmitted by droplets from blood, urine, diarrhea and even sneezing. These bio-burden droplets can be active for hours”, says Clifton Broumand, CEO, Man & Machine, Inc. “The protocols in hospitals should have keyboards and mice being terminally cleaned after each patient or each use in an isolation area.  Since it’s been our experience this doesn’t happen, we developed the Isolation keyboard and mouse to make the hospital staff keenly aware these keyboards need disinfecting with the highest standards. Our medical grade keyboards are engineered to handle these protocols. 

Man & Machine manufactures Medical Grade™ keyboards and mice featuring Tru-Lock, which allows the user to lock the keyboard at the workstation so it can be easily cleaned and disinfected between patients, without the need to remove the USB cable or typing gibberish on the computer screen when wiping.  These fully sealed peripherals are designed to stand up to any EPA approved hospital disinfectant and terminal cleaning procedures in the event of an infectious outbreak.  Additional features include, optional multi-level backlight and magnets under the skin to hold fast to wall-mount arm trays in patient rooms, avoiding the need for dirty Velcro™ or double sided tape.  USB cable lengths are made to order for cable management.   Additional specialty version for Downtime Workstations and Dictation Workstations keyboards and mice are also available.  The entire line of Medical Grade keyboards and mice are designed, manufactured and serviced in the USA.

Man & Machine, Inc. is a privately held company founded in 1982, headquartered in Landover, Maryland.  The company manufactures a full line of Medical Grade and washable keyboards and mice.  It makes peripherals for healthcare, industrial and public safety industries.  Other products include privacy computer monitors and tablets, and vinyl wrapping of iPads, tablets, monitors and laptops for easy identification, and point-of-sale messaging.  Man & Machine’s OEM’s peripherals for many Fortune 500 companies.  Additional offices are located in Tennessee, Philadelphia, Portland, Taiwan and The Netherlands.

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