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More Mounting Evidence Against Triclosan,
The Antibacterial Used By OTHER Keyboard Manufacturers

by Man & Machine | February 22, 2011

Keyboard TriclosanLANDOVER, MD - The bad news just keeps on coming. According to recent Huffington Post news, triclosan is “more insidious than the microorganisms it’s designed to combat.”

At Man & Machine, antibacterial coatings have long been known to present more problems than they solve, so we’ve built keyboards and mice that fight bacteria and contaminants with sealed components and waterproof designs.

But back to the culprit: triclosan. “A mounting body of scientific evidence shows that the chemical is no more effective at killing germs than soap and water” reports HP. “Triclosan can also irritate skin and it has been linked to higher rates of allergies and hay fever among children. Lab studies have found that triclosan can impair thyroid function, upset estrogen and testosterone levels, and promote problems that could interfere with fetal development.”

So, the question arises: Would you want your children or pregnant wife handling a keyboard coated with triclosan? Enough said.

- Man & Machine

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Source Article:

Key Hand Sanitizer Ingredient May Cause More Harm Than Good