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EPA Publishes Petition To Ban Triclosan Antibacterial Used In Keyboard

by Man & Machine | December 22, 2010

Keyboard TriclosanLANDOVER, MD - Here at Man & Machine, we hate to say “I told you so” so we’ll say “Being anti-antibacterial where keyboards are concerned is a healthy practice”.

According to Infection Control Today, 82 public health and environmental groups have joined a petition to ban Triclosan, the controversial pesticide that is used in a multitude of products, including waterproof keyboards and mice.

Suspected of causing a number of serious health and environmental issues, Triclosan has also been deemed no more effective than soap and water in removing germs.

So why risk using it? We have no idea. And that’s why we’re anti-antibacterial and proud of it.

- Man & Machine

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Source Article:

EPA Publishes Petition to Ban Triclosan
Infection Control Today