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4th Sep


In the Spotlight: Fully sealed touchpad

In the Spotlight: Fully sealed touchpad

Man & Machine continues to lead in medical input device innovation. We often do things a little differently to the rest, as we strive to be better. In this spotlight section we explain these differences and the reasons behind them. We start with our touchpad design.

Man & Machine touchpads are different than those of our competitors. The top of our silicone keyboards is fully sealed and seals the touchpad in as well. The absence of a rim around the touchpad gives a much better infection control performance than those competitors. No bacteria can collect underneath. That is the infection control standard we build to.

This technology is unique. It does ask for a small user adaptation. You’ll have to move your finger across this touchpad a bit more often to get the same reach. But who isn’t willing to accept that if it makes such a difference in germ restriction?

Touchpads were never designed to be wet. It can influence their performance, even when the moisture is gone and evaporated. If your customer has difficulty using the touchpad after a clean, let them follow the recalibrating instructions on the back of the keyboard. We put those there to help.

Some tips to get the best performance out of your Man & Machine touchpad:

  • Set the pointer speed to fast
  • Make sure you always lock the keyboard before cleaning. This will also lock the touchpad and optimizes its performance when reactivated.
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