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Waterproof hygienic keyboards and more

mm logo blue da vinci transparant Man Machine logo hygienic waterproof keyboards mice clean with alcohol clean with chloride silent typing use keyboard in hospitalMan & Machine has been in business for over 30 years, and has been building keyboards for special purposes for over a decade. Medical computer keyboards and mice do not need to be a repository for pathogens. Computer workstations in harsh industrial environments as well as inside vehicles can be a pleasure to work with. Benefit from our experience and dedication to data input devices with the best user acceptance.

No liquids, particles, germs or bacteria can collect and hide in open cavities, crevices or gaps. You can safely wipe, spray, rinse or immerse this waterproof keyboard, or even expose it to Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour. Our new proprietary seal enhancements are extending this medical keyboard's lifetime.

The silicone exterior is resistant to standard hospital approved desinfectants. Our unique Silk Touch™ coating prevents key-top wear and fade. The low profile key design facilitates an easy clean.Our latest low profile key design enables thorough, easy cleaning and you can add a drape if you need a totally flat surface.

Man & Machine keyboards are widely praised for their unparalleled typing comfort. The superior tactile feedback makes our keyboards a pleasure to type on. Key stroke response has been further optimized for faster and even more reliable data entry.

Infectious splatter will be more visible on white, enabling a quick response in case of contamination. Our new optional multi level backlight feature can be set to the exact brightness desired and the keyboard will remember this setting when you turn it off and on again.

Eliminates the need to log out or disconnect during the cleaning process. Simply lock the keyboard to prevent unintentional data entries. Protect software settings and patient records. Clean easily at the workstation. Lock indicator lights now signal when the keyboard is locked.

Compliant with the requirements of EN60601-1 relating to the safety of electronic devices deployed in a medical or clinical setting. We upgrade to compliance with the latest edition of EN60601-1.

Our waterproof keyboards do not shatter or become a sharp hazard if dropped on a hard surface. No antimicrobial coatings on this medical keyboard, so no false sense of security and no potential health and environmental risks related to this.

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